The Hidden Game

  Is China Using Aamir Khan For Money Laundering In India?? Just looks at these staggering collection figures: Movie.                    India          China Dangal                   387 Cr       1370 Cr Secret Superstar 57 Cr        900 Cr Bahubali2          1429 Cr         80 Cr  Babubali2, the biggest blockbuster ever made in India whose record even KGF2 or SS Rajamouli’s own RRR couldn’t beat, made only 80 crore in China, while Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar, a small 15 crore budget film which very few watched in India, made nearly 1000 crore in China! Was it made with the sole purpose of bringing in money from China?  How China thwarts India’s plans Apple wanted to establish iphone manufacturing in India as China was getting very belligerent and dictating to US companies They were stealing Apple technology and giving it cheaply to Chinese products like Xiaomi or Oneplus. So they setup manufacturing unit in Kolar, Karnataka. What happens next? There is a huge labour protest over a t

Have we won?

 #LalSinghChadha - have we won? -  Lal Singh Chadha is a lousy movie. And if its first day collections are any indication, it’s going to be a colossal disaster. While Cinema experts will blame the quality of the movie to explain its doom, it’s clear as a day that boycott calls crashed Aamir’s plane. But have we won? Can it be claimed as a civilisational victory? Or do we need to tank more movies to claim victory? The fact is, that victory is not even in sight. This one, if at all, was just a small skirmish. Cinema plays an important role in information dissemination. It’s a mass medium, it’s even an educational medium for people who don’t have the palate for documentaries. That’s why propaganda movies like Parzania and Raees are quoted as truth. Taking down the cinema industry is a good step to begin. It is the second institution to fall. Media was the first one to crumble. 5 star editors and newsroom anchors of pre-2014 era are 2-bit YouTubers. Civilisational victory can be claimed on

The Aerey Metro Car Shed

  The Aarey metro Car Shed - Mumbai The Aarey metro Car Shed issue - which is turning out to be another case of NGO mafia trying to halt critical projects in India with the help of useful idiots (uninformed citizenry who fall for their propaganda and then spread it). To begin with , Line 3 of the Mumbai Metro is a 33.5 km long underground metro connecting Colaba and SEEPZ, with 26 underground and 1 at- grade station. This line is possibly the most critical line of the Mumbai Metro as it connects 6 prominent business districts (Cuffe-Parade ,Nariman Point,Ballard Estate,Lower Parel area ,BKC ,SEEPZ), 2 outstation terminuses (CSMT, Mumbai Central) and 2 terminals of Airport. Now once again NGO mafia are confusing people by saying that “green lungs of Mumbai will be destroyed”. Firstly , many are confused between Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Aarey. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is spread over 11,687 hectares. Aarey Colony is SEPARATE from it and is 1287 hectares. The metro s

Careers made out of Gujrat Riots 2002

  Scores of people have made a career out of GujaratRiots2002 .. Let's name and shame them. 1) Rajdeep Sardesai (He owns 52 crore bungalow in a posh locality in Delhi.Panchsheel Park in Delhi on ASI land that was facilitated by Ambika Soni.) 2) Barkha Dutt 3) NDTV 4) Shekhar Gupta 5) Teesta Setalvad 6) Indira Jaisingh 7) Sagarika Ghosh. 😍 lawyer Dushyant Dave 9)Cop Sanjiv or Sanjay Bhatt(.His wife was given ticket by Congress to contest against then CM Narendra Modi in 2012, Gujarat Assembly elections..) 10)Rana Ayyub( with her book which was called by SC a lie with imaginary things) 11) Pratik Sinha the owner of fact check, His father Mukul Sinha along with Zoo bear. 12)Harsh mander who resigned from IAS. 13) Vrinda Grover 14) Prasahnth Bhushan 15)Nothing can beat the career of Pappu Rahul Gandhi and his momma. They virtually ruled us between 2004-14 only because they could sell 2002. Congress + Congress paid media + Congress paid NGO = even toda

International Pressure

  Whenever asked by the opposition how to solve the problems of Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress leaders replied, "We cannot face international pressure." "Muslim countries will turn against us and we will be deprived of the supply of petroleum..." In 1971, when the army was advancing along the International Border of Jammu and Kashmir, Indira Gandhi asked Field Marshal Manekshaw to withdraw the army.  The reason cited was international pressure.  When Narasimha Rao planned the nuclear test, it was withdrawn due to international pressure. Speaking of acting decisively against terrorism, Congress leaders again cited international pressure and said that we have been taught that "we cannot oppose the Muslim world." During every election, local leaders kept telling voters that, if BJP comes to power, we may have to travel on bullock carts.  Because the Muslim world will stop supplying petroleum to India.... which is an international pressure. When we

Indian Police Foundation- True Colors

  Do you know that Indian Police Foundation (IPF), a non-profit org that consists of serving/retired top cops from all streams, bureaucrats & having a variety of associations with the public figures including a few NGO that have been a national security challenge?   IPF, a NGO, was formed in 2015, largely conceptualized upon ‘SMART’ policing vision by Hon'ble PM. It is a think-tank of public/police/govt top-notches to collaborate for police reform/well-being, which is being said that largely operates from BPRD, Home Ministry premises. The Executive Committee & General Council is power-hub of 50+ rtd/serving IAS/IPS/TopGovtBureaucrats/ CorporatePlayers/ Editors and ultra high-profile dignitaries. Most of the credible dignitaries don't need deep insight into the solid construction of the NGO.  Let's look into noticeable members: Julio Ribeiro- who happens to be a staunch critic of “fascist” Modi/Shah, who recently questioned the integrity of highest offices over the a

The Nexus

  FORD is NOT exiting INDIA. Neither it came here just 25 years back with their cars, nor it is going to quit anytime soon.   CIA linked Ford Foundation estb in India in 1952 upon Nehru's invitation, has sent millions$$ since then, until Modi regime holds the rein. As per FF website, it has sent approx $508mn in India having office at 55, Lodhi Estate, Delhi which apparently is the same address that of UN Information Center in India enjoying sort of immunity under a "signed memorandum" with GoI in 1952, until 2014! Life turns here. As soon as PM Modi assumed office, MHA cracked down on all foreign-funded NGOs & subsequently more than 16K NGO were banned for FCRA violation between 2015-19. FF was no exception and came under heavy scrutiny & had almost "packed". Apr'15 news started surfacing about scrutiny over FF, citing case when FF lent $200K to Sabrang NGO run by Teesta Satelvad in 2008 for fueling communalism & nat'al security concerns. He